Oak Butterfly Leaf Table

oak butterfly leaf table

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oak butterfly leaf table - Sunset Selections

Sunset Selections Table with Butterfly Leaf Finish: Nutmeg / Rich Honey Light Oak

Sunset Selections Table with Butterfly Leaf Finish: Nutmeg / Rich Honey Light Oak

DLU-TBX-4866-SET Finish: Nutmeg / Rich Honey Light Oak Table Only - Chairs Sold Separately This beautifully designed furniture by Sunset Trading will assure you many years of use and enjoyment Features: -66'' butterfly table. -Sunset Selections collection. -Available in combination of antique black and cherry, rich honey light oak or combination of nutmeg and honey light oak finish. -Asian ramon hardwood construction. -Handcrafted. -Self storing butterfly leaf. -Pedestal with adjustable feet levelers. -18'' leaf converts from 48'' round to 48'' x 66''. -Assembly required. -Manufacturer provides one year warranty against defects.

87% (16)

Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature

Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature

This green leaf was photographed in it's natural environment.

The blue sky in the background of this plant is a good symbol of a healthy ecosystem that supports rich biodiversity without any of the environmental issues that are common in urban areas around humans.

This picture of a green leaf is a perfect symbol for nature and it's original beauty.

The name of this plant is Tamarillo. It's fruits taste good and are healthy for kids.

September 2006 - Our Kitchen 006

September 2006 - Our Kitchen 006

We purchased a new kitchen table and chairs - some of which was a gift from the kids for our anniversary. The wood is a Brazilian hardwood - similar to oak. The table has a butterfly leaf in the middle that can unfold, make the table a 5 foot square. Displayed are some of my red/pink Spode dinnerware and Spode vase (found on Ebay).

oak butterfly leaf table

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